Please see the "Meetings" page for more information.


Please see the "Meetings" page for more information.

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Show your spirit! The proceeds of all t-shirt sales go directly to Prairie Travelers' mission. The t-shirts cost $15.00 each and come in both men's and women's designs.

If you'd like to purchase a t-shirt, please contact Ruth @ 316-685-4545.




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2015 Walnut Valley Metric

Our annual fundraising event, the Walnut Valley Metric, is coming up! Please mark your calendars for September 27th and come join the fun!

For more information and entry form, please see our events page.

Sunflower Foundation Grant

Our Sunflower Foundation Grant application was submitted by the deadline. We met our $55,000 matching goal with two individuals that stepped up to the plate to cover the shortfall. In other words, to reduce their share we are still gladly taking either pledges or donations! With AmeriCorps NCCC volunteers coming we hope we will be the lucky recipients of the grant. It is highly competitive and we will find out April 19th if we were selected. The cost of our goals of what we want to accomplish surpasses the donations and matching grant amount. We need limestone, bridge reconstruction, signage, benches, bollards, cables, and more, so again we are still open to donations to get it all done!

The AmeriCorps NCCC volunteers (8 to 12) will be arriving April 23rd, John Moore will be coordinating their work schedule. We are sharing them with AARTI (Andover Augusta Rail Trail Initiative) as they work on the Redbud Trail. So John does not feel tied down for 13 weeks, we need a volunteer per week to help everyday during that week with their assignment. It does not mean being there at all times but making sure John has help and all runs smoothly. So please let us know if this interests you. The potential of getting the trail mostly done by the end of the summer is exciting!

2014 Fall/Winter Newsletter

Fall/Winter 2014

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Wichita City Council

455 N Main St, 1st Floor
Wichita, Ks 67202
(316) 268-4331
(316) 858-7743 (Fax)

Mayor Carl Brewer cbrewer@wichita.gov

Lavonta Williams - District I lkwilliams@wichita.gov

Pete Meitzner - District II pmeitzner@wichita.gov

James Clendenin - District III jclendenin@wichita.gov

Jeff Blubaugh - District IV jblubaugh@wichita.gov

Jeff Longwell - District V jlongwell@wichita.gov

Janet Miller - District VI jlmiller@wichita.gov

Board of Sedgwick County Commissioners

525 N Main, Suite 320
Wichita, Ks 67203
(316) 660-9300
(316) 383-8275 (Fax)

Dave Unruh - 1st District (Chairman) dunruh@sedgwick.gov

Tim Norton - 2nd District (Chair Pro Tem) tnorton@sedgwick.gov

Karl Peterjohn - 3rd District kpeterjo@sedgwick.gov

Richard Ranzau - 4th District rranzau@sedgwick.gov

James Skelton - 5th District jskelton@sedgwick.gov

City Manager's Office

455 N Main St, 13th Floor
Wichita, Ks 67202
(316) 268-4351
(316) 858-7712

Robert Layton, City Manager rlayton@wichita.gov

City of Wichita Park Board

455 N Main St, 11th Floor
Wichita, Ks 67202
(316) 268-4361
(316) 858-7768

Ron Allen - District 1 (316) 688-1034

Tom Roth - District 2 (316) 207-5725 (2nd Vice President) tomroth@cox.net

Hoyt Hillman - District 3 (316) 686-7105 hoythillman@sbcglobal.net

Steven Hieger - District 4 (316) 686-7105 hiegerx6@cox.net

Bryan Frye - District 5 (316) 258-3623 (President) bryan.frye@kake.com

Cincy Claycomb - District 6 (316) 655-9508 cindyclaycomb@cox.net

Chris Highfill - (At-Large) (316) 945-2665 chris@cookshvac.com

Troy Houtman - (Ex-Officio) (316) 268-4628 Director, Park & Recreation Dept - thoutman@wichita.gov

Trail Adoptee's Updated!

All sections are now adopted! Thank you!

The Prairie Sunset Trail

For those of you who have enjoyed the trail, thank you for using it and keeping us in touch with daily trail needs. This trail belongs to all of us, so please renew your membership for 2014 and take time to enjoy it. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization so your donation is tax deductible. Continued improvement is feasible through membership dues and volunteering, please help in any way you can!

Sunflower Rail-Trails Conservancy

The folks at Sunflower Rail-Trails Conservancy have put together an informative brochure with the contact information for the rail trails in Kansas. In order to build and maintain these rail-trails for the enjoyment and benefit of all, volunteers and donations are always need and very welcome! Kansas Rail Trails.

Rail Trail News

If you have information regarding rail trails (proposed, under construction, or current) in Kansas, please forward the information to bryantnc@gmail.com and we will update our information.

Trail Benefits

Everyone wins with the preservation of transportation corridors and the development of linear trails: the nation retains a vital resource, the public gains a place to safely walk or ride, the railroads retain the right to restore rail service in the future, small towns can receive an economic boon, and adjacent landowners obtain access to a recreational facility and increased property values.

By helping to preserve Kansas' heritage and recreational opportunities, you will be giving your children and grandchildren an irreplaceable gift - living history. If the linear trails project cannot be kept on track, so to speak, the corridors may be lost forever. That is why Prairie Travelers needs your help.

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